Market Data and Trading Technology

New York: 1 - 4 April 2014

Course Overview:

Across these four seminars attendees will gain key understandings of the technical and administrative aspects of the market data arena, the methods used to deliver cost effective access to market data and the management of market data delivery infrastructures. **Attend Days 1 & 2 to be fully prepared for the FIA/FISD exam**


Four Separately Bookable Days:

Day 1 - Introduction to the Financial Markets and Market Data
            ***FIA/FISD Exam Preparation Day***


Day 2 - The Technology, Vendors and Market Data Management
             ***FIA/FISD Exam Preparation Day***


Day 3 - Low Latency Market Data and Trading Systems Solutions


Day 4 - Cost Control and Data Administration


Course tutors

John Best, Principal Consultant, KSS TRAINING LTD.

Colin Wright, Training Consultant and Partner, KSS TRAINING LTD.



"One of the best seminars I have attended. I liked the way actual experiences with products discussed were integrated into the presentation"

" Excellent industry history and depth of knowledge"

"Very useful, good insight into the real world of market data challenges"

"Very well presented, alot of useful information and examples"


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