Market Data and Trading Technology

New York: 2 -5 June 2015

Course Overview:

Across these four seminars, attendees will gain key understandings of the technical and administrative aspects of the market data arena. **Attend Days 1 & 2 to be fully prepared for the FIA/FISD exam**


PLUS! We are pleased to announce two new days for 2014 on Market Data Regulatory Developements and Enterprise Data Management

Four Separately Bookable Days:

Day 1 - Introduction to the Financial Markets and Market Data
            ***FIA/FISD Exam Preparation Day***


Day 2 - The Technology, Vendors and Market Data Management
             ***FIA/FISD Exam Preparation Day***


Day 3 - Enterprise Data Management - Draft Programme Available


Day 4 - Market Data Regulatory Developments - Draft Programme Available


Course tutors

John Best, Principal Consultant, KSS TRAINING LTD.

Colin Wright, Training Consultant and Partner, KSS TRAINING LTD.



"One of the best seminars I have attended. I liked the way actual experiences with products discussed were integrated into the presentation"

" Excellent industry history and depth of knowledge"

"Very useful, good insight into the real world of market data challenges"

"Very well presented, alot of useful information and examples"


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